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IP for Business

If you need help protecting, managing or divesting Intellectual Property (IP) Rights, please contact us with a view to discussing the various ways in which we may be able to assist  you.

Increasingly businesses need to be aware of the threats, and the opportunities presented by IP. Insufficient attention paid to managing newly arising IP or when acquiring new business assets may mean opportunities to enhance the value of a business are missed. Likewise expansion into a new market can prove costly if third party rights are infringed.

IP for Business

ipconsult has extensive experience of commercial IP Rights. Early stage assessment and protection may be imperative to successfully commercialise IP. We can provide corporate policy advice regarding your internal and external IP offering a cost-effective transparent approach to IP management.

ipconsult is able to advise on the following:

  • IP Audits

  • Corporate Acquisitions

  • Licensing

  • Competitor Awareness Searches

  • Technology Transfer

  • Assessing 'Start-Ups'

  • Current Awareness Searches

  • Education and Awareness

  • Patent Infringement Clearance Searches and Opinions

  • Prior Art Searches

  • Portfolio Management

  • Trade Mark Clearance and Availability Searches

  • Patent Negation

  • IP Valuation

  • Licence Auditing

  • Patent Mapping

  • IP Risk Assessment

For further details please go to the Business Services Page


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