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Business Services

The following are brief details on the range of business services available from ipconsult. Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

IP Audits - Determining and assessing what IP is present, who owns it, what rights and obligations arise from it and who is responsible for its continued prosecution and costs can prove to be complex. ipconsult is able to address these issues and provide a clear picture, for example in the form of a Report.

IP Business Services

Corporate Acquisitions - As with any type of transaction significant due diligence is usually required before completion. Ipconsult will not only undertake the investigation and checking at a due diligence level but integrate this by working across different disciplines with legal and technical personnel to provide an accurate snapshot of a business.

Licensing - Licensing in or out IP is an effective means of obtaining revenue or sharing cost/risk. The amount of control that is retained or ceded within a licence is a matter for negotiation, sometimes requiring imaginative, ‘outside the box’ thinking which is where ipconsult can assist, having an extensive range of experience in this area.

Competitor Awareness Searches - These help to keep management appraised of competitor’s activities in relevant geographic and commercial markets.

Technology Transfer - The process of transferring research – e.g. from a laboratory or design studio – to the commercial environment usually involves IP at its core. There are many different elements to be juggled in such transactions and many different needs to be recognised and met. ipconsult is able to provide expertise from a number of sources in overseeing this process.

Assessing ‘Start-Ups’- ipconsult can provide focused and realistic advice for investors or companies looking to acquire businesses with IP at their core. Management of IP should be crucial to many businesses and is often fundamental at the earliest possible stages as it is usually at that time when key decisions can be made. ipconsult works with investors to undertake assessment of ideas and opportunities as well as routine due diligence work. A unique combination of technical expertise and commercial awareness can be relied upon to provide focused advice to potential investors in IP centric deals.

Current Awareness Searches - These provide information about current activities in particular commercial sectors or technical fields. Advice can be given to monitoring the commercial activities of competitors by way of patent watching, patent mapping and current awareness searches.

Education and Awareness - Tailored Courses and Seminars for employees or key personnel are available in order to highlight important issues surrounding IP and to heighten awareness of current and future IP assets; provide an insight in the type of situations encountered by a business, for example leading up to sale or acquisition, and to put in place a simple strategy of how to handle and manage IP.

Patent Infringement Clearance Searches and Opinions - These reassure prospective manufacturers and importers with regard to third party patent rights.

Prior Art Searches - Prior Art searches provide a basis on which to assess the scope of likely patent claims before seeking patent protection.

Portfolio Management - ipconsult can undertake reviews of IPR with respect to future costs and this can be used to assist in long-term planning for optimising profits. Portfolio management is particularly relevant to companies with extensive IP Portfolios seeking to cut costs.

Trade Mark Clearance and Availability Searches - Clearance searches can be undertaken to provide an indication as to availability of a Trade Mark or to assess coverage provided by an existing Registration.

Patent Negation - This includes anonymous filing of observations or oppositions to the grant of a Patent or applying for revocation of a Patent. Occasionally, even a partial revocation or amendment may be sufficient to provide a manufacturer or importer a defence against infringement and thus the opportunity to continue or commence commercial activities.

IP Valuation - ipconsult is a process for quantifying existing and future IPR and can be carried out as part of a business need, to raise capital, by prospective purchaser or prior to an acquisition.

Licence Auditing - ipconsult works with experts to provide Licensors the opportunity to audit royalty payments it receives from its Licensees.

Patent Mapping - Patent mapping is a sophisticated tool used in a variety of commercial situations, including as a precursor to licence negotiation, to help determine new product development, corporate R&D strategy and as an offensive measure.

IP Risk Assessment - This procedure provides a planning tool, which may be used prior to new projects involving IP and can help to identify areas of potential risk.


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