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Terms & Conditions

ipconsult assists businesses and individuals in the profitable commercialisation of IP.

ipconsult specialises in the identification and securing of IP Rights and IP management in the UK and overseas.

Services provided by ipconsult are confidential.

Terms & Conditions

Discussions which take place between a Patent Attorney or Trademark Attorney and a Client are privileged and care is taken to ensure this remains the case.

Where possible services provided are explained in writing before engagement, together with a breakdown of costs insofar as can be anticipated.

An estimate of charges is provided in advance and, where unexpected costs are due, every effort is made to inform Clients as soon as possible.

Services will not be undertaken until an initial payment has been received.

Reporting of some official letters and correspondence may incur a charge. However, such charges rarely exceed GBP150 (+VAT).

Due to the nature of email, any enquiries, requests for information or instructions sent via email, will only be deemed to have been received when ipconsult acknowledges them as such.

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