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Useful Links

The following are links to other websites that you may find useful.

Please note that we are in no way responsible for the content of any of these websites!

We should be grateful if you would mention ipconsult if you chose to use any of these services.

Useful Links

Official Organisations:
Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys www.cipa.org.uk
European Patent Office www.epo.org
NESTA www.nesta.org.uk
The Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union www.oami.europa.eu
The UK Intellectual Property Office www.ipo.gov.uk
United States Patent and Trademark Office www.uspto.gov
World Intellectual Property Organization www.wipo.org
Innovation Stream www.innovation-stream.com
Gemini Prototyping www.geminiprototyping.co.uk
Hillside Design www.hillsidedesign.co.uk
Patent Plan www.patentplan.co.uk
Protaset www.protaset.co.uk
Hackwood Design www.hackwood-design.co.uk
Cadceptual www.cadceptual.co.uk
Website Design:


Angels Den www.angelsden.co.uk
Creative Ventures Consortium www.cvconsortium.com
microFunding www.microfunding.co.uk
Legal Advice:
BP Collins Solicitors www.bpcollins.co.uk
Lawdit Solicitors www.lawdit.co.uk
Other Useful Websites:
Innoventique www.innoventique.co.uk
ideas 2 reality www.ideas2reality.co.uk
Invent Help www.inventhelp.com
Inventor Link www.inventorlink.co.uk
ipVA - Intellectual Property Strategy Consultants www.ipvalueadded.com
Inventor Qest www.qest.net
Sycamore Innovation Management www.sycamoreinnovation.com
Valuation Consulting www.valuation-consulting.co.uk  


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